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Om R.I.M - Manifesto

Prospective clients looking to expand their already successful e-com stores often ask me “what does working with you actually look like as a client?”


Here is the answer.

Om R.I.M - Manifesto

Prospective clients looking to expand their already successful e-com stores often ask me “what does working with you actually look like as a client?”


Here is the answer.

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For the past six years I have worked tirelessly to ensure that the services we offer contain all the elements needed to make my clients’ businesses more successful.

Ultimately, the success of my clients boils down to the effectiveness of our teamwork. In practice, this always comes down to two basic things:

  1. Communication
  2. Partnership

That is it.

If we cannot communicate our ideas and formulate them into actionable plans which we can then deliver, we will fail. We must agree shared ways of working together, which we uphold, whilst reaching the clear goals that we have set ourselves. And of course, we must also act as a team. You know your store and your products better than anyone else. Since starting my career, my team and I have been responsible for scaling several of Sweden’s biggest brands like Beslag Design,, Scandinavia Luxury Group, Skalhuset, Outl, Collector Bank as well as international power houses like Nextbase. If we leverage our joint skills and the foundation that you’ve already spent countless time and money building, then there is nothing that should stop us from reaching our goals. Without these two ingredients, no matter the power of your store, your e-com and product expertise, or my technical and marketing skills we will not enjoy the same success as countless clients of mine have already experienced all over the world.

What success looks like

Let me introduce you to a client of ours who is Scandinavia's biggest brand within their niche.


This company was satisfied with sending email campaigns every Easter and every Black Friday.

We decided to start building informative and persuasive automations that helped lead the customer to the decision that was right for them.

Furthermore, we also started sending regular segmented newsletters based on the customer’s engagement, interests and purchase history whilst also telling the brand story to identify hyper engaged customers. In doing this, we turned their customer base from an unused entity into the core channel driving the brand forward. This has led to millions of dollars of incremental and additional revenue.

What the screenshots doesn't show is that we didn’t only increase sales. To enable this we: Built a brand voice and identity that identifies hyper-engaged customers.

  • Created a consistent message and clear brand identity.
  • Built and maintained the relationship with customers between purchases.
  • Turned single purchasers into repeat and loyal customers that referred this store to their contacts.
  • This is the cheapest, most reliable and most profitable source of revenue.
  • Lowered ad costs and other expenses significantly in relation to total revenue by focusing more on repeat customers.

With clear communication and exceptional teamwork we helped solidify this brand's position as the dominant player within their niche.

It has been a good start to the collaboration with another one of our newer clients.

summareresultscreenshot 1

Revenue from email marketing has increased by 340%, while the company's overall turnover has increased by 49% - just 30 days after the start of the collaboration.

Of course, we cannot take all the credit for this growth as the client has a fantastic brand, excellent products, and outstanding customer service.

What we can do, however, is take these pieces of the puzzle and put together long-term and sustainable strategies that help our client reach the next level.

How much money we make together simply depends on how well we work together. Here we come back to the starting point:

Communication and Partnership.


We have three different packages at R.I.M tailored for your needs:

  • Adviser
  • Done With You
  • Project Manager

Some of our clients want us to take over the entire account. Other clients want us to support and reinforce their internal team.

Our motto is that we help with what is needed, as long as we’re needed.

That means that all of our packages include an ongoing knowledge transfer where we teach you not only everything we know but also how you should think. Our aim is to empower you and your team.

Our “Adviser” package is just what it sounds like. Someone to assist and bounce ideas off with two meetings a month and ongoing communication on slack or email. You lead the project whilst we advise, assist and provide strategic input to help you reach your goals. The adviser package is most appropriate for companies who know what they want but not necessarily how to achieve it. It is also a good fit for companies entering uncharted territory and would like someone on the team who has “been there, done that” to act as guardrails.

Our next package is also just what it sounds like, “Done With You”. At the start of the partnership, we audit the account and form a list of action tasks that need completing. We then decide together who does what to work efficiently. You are then entitled to weekly meetings as well as ongoing communication via slack and email.

Once a month we go through the progress together, evaluate the steps and then decide on who does what for the next period.

The “Done With You” package is most appropriate for companies who wish to keep the department in house but don’t yet have the resources to completely manage the entire project. This package is also suitable for companies who have plateaued or stagnated and would like to take advantage of the knowledge transfer and hands on assistance to get them back to their desired level again.

Finally, the “Project manager” package lets you sit back whilst we formulate a strategy. We take full ownership and responsibility of the project. We audit the account, analyze the branding and messaging, lead the development for A/B tests and make sure that said tests are deployed.

We have weekly meetings and ongoing reporting for key KPIs such as sales, engagement, account performance to keep you informed and in the loop.

The Project Manager package is suited for companies who want to completely offload their email marketing strategy to the leading experts and not have to worry about anything. The outcome is typically peace of mind and improved performance.


R.I.M’s model isn’t just about sending more emails. Spamming your mailing list simply does not work, and nothing destroys customer loyalty faster.

Every partnership starts with us focusing on building and developing your brand story. Customers only engage with brands that they like and trust, and not with anonymous websites or businesses. Once you have a list of customers that like and trust you, that’s when the potential of email marketing really takes off and snowballs.

That’s why it’s so important that we work seamlessly (that word again) together during the early days of our onboarding process.

We don’t run off and do our own thing and we need you by our side with your feedback and insight. This is a partnership, and I respect, appreciate and value any and all input you have towards tailoring the process for the specific requirements of your business.

Due to our methodology, we can and have worked with ecom stores all over the world of all shapes and sizes in various niches.

Once you are a client, the first step is an onboarding call to agree on your brand identity and how to communicate it to your customers in an interesting , compelling, and exciting way that engages them and matches how you see your business.

After that we audit your account and R.I.M will provide you with a clear plan of what needs doing. We decide together, depending on your package, on who does what.

Then we start the process together. Results will be tracked and presented in a clear way so you see the value that is being created.

In our review meetings, we use the metrics to make fact-based and data driven decisions about what is working, and agree how we can fine-tune the engine as we proceed on our journey.

No matter the level of service that you choose you will always be able to interact with myself or my team. Once we are up and running, we get into regular housekeeping. The aforementioned process will let us dive into:

  • Brand Alignment ----> Everything that touches the customer has the same voice, identity, goal and mission.
  • Segmented Newsletters ----> Every potential buyer gets relevant advertising speaking directly to their pains and desired gains
  • Automations - Upselling, education, nurture and retargeting
  • Tracking & Optimization

Results. Results. Results.

During the early stages of our collaboration we will identify problems together that need solving. I will raise any issues I find which could prevent us from reaching our goals. I need you to do the same in an open and constructive way.

I am nothing if not client-centric, and driven by results.

I am personally invested in the success of my clients. Many people say this, but often it's just words.

I have no education or background in marketing. I had no internship or agency history. I didn’t have a mentor to look over my shoulder.

I started at the very bottom of the industry and spent the last six years climbing and dragging myself up to become Sweden’s only platinum klaviyo partner.

This is something that simply cannot be done without consistently generating exceptional results for clients big and small.

My business reputation, personal fulfillment, and income is directly tied to helping you as a client get these results. I didn’t build R.I.M to get by, I built this company to achieve and succeed.

This company bears my family name because I am proud of the work we do and the results we deliver for our clients.

I can put my name on my work and I am delighted to work with you too.

Carl Reynolds

CEO and Founder, Reynolds International Marketing AB

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