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Carl Reynolds
VD & Grundare

Jag insåg tidigt värdet i storytelling och personalisering och utvecklade mina strategier därefter. Kombinerat med e-postmarknadsföring så har jag kunnat skapa och spåra miljontals kronor i vinst till våra kunder.


Vad tycker våra kunder?




"My primary revenue used to come from volatile paid traffic sources. But after 12 months, Carl (R.I.M) set up and achieved half a million dollars in email marketing alone, resulting in 30% gross revenue that I previously didn’t have, and it required no micromanagement from my end."





"I struggled to make email marketing work. So I got in contact with Carl, who got started right away with no upfront fee. The first month of emails turned over 10% of total revenue, and the second month it went up to 27%. Numbers were unreal. Working with him was an absolute dream. He did everything on his own with excellent communication along the way"



Mats Jikander

Scancyp Consulting LTD

"I have been working with Carl (RIM) for some years now and he (they) always deliver. Carl is listening to our needs and works accordingly. Very good and fast support."



Joel Lindqvist

CEO - Aware Nutrition

Kompetenta, proffsiga och hjälpande är 3 ord som beskriver RIM! Rekommenderas!